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“Micro-weddings” or intimate weddings have been increasing in popularity in recent times. Due to the effect of the pandemic, more couples have been switching their dream fairytale weddings to smaller and cozier weddings with only limited guests to ensure that the safety of the guests, as well as the health protocols made by the health sector, are being followed. Not only that, but it kind of eases things budget-wise as well, so it becomes a win-win situation for the parties involved. However, although smaller-scale weddings are now on-trend, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a themed wedding. And who says you need to spend a lot should you have a themed wedding when one of the themes you can do is vintage, so it means you can make use of what you already have or make hand-me-downs work even better.

But before a wedding, you need a bride. For that to happen you need to propose and be engaged to someone. And this is the perfect guide for choosing out Vintage-Inspired Wedding Rings for your special lady if you’re planning a vintage-themed wedding or even if you’re not because classic just never goes out of style.

Pick a Store

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but picking a store is actually really more helpful than you think. For the reason that, if you have narrowed down your choices on where you would like to get the ring from, chances are you could have the style, price range, designs, and cuts in your pick of the litter too. Should you want it to be a diamond ring and how many carats, choosing your store could have that work cut out for you.

Keep Your Bride in Mind

Another obvious suggestion, but it is also important to keep your bride in mind while selecting the engagement ring you would propose to her with because she will be the one wearing it first and foremost. So have the following details ready. You need her ring finger size and taking into consideration what diamond cut you think would go with her finger is not a bad thing to do either. You could also consider what her sense of style is. Is it important to her to see engagement rings that are Instagram-worthy? Take this into mind when making your choice.

Remember the Theme

You were going for a themed proposal and wedding? If so, then it’s best to always remember that. If your theme per se is a vintage proposal and or wedding, then keep your selection to vintage engagement rings and work your way from there. It will be more organized and easier to go through that way too.

Trust Your Gut

This may seem silly to hear, but after everything that has been said, it is best to always still trust in your gut. This is your proposal, your bride to be so at the end of the day the most important thing for you to do is to trust your instincts on what the best engagement ring would be for the love of your life. Because either way if you’re meant to be, they will love the engagement ring as much as they love you as they say “yes” to another journey with you.

If It Is A Vintage-Themed Engagement and Wedding, Then What Better Ring to Propose With Than A Family Heirloom?

Not common to most but still pretty known around the world are vintage engagement rings passed on from generation to generation. Often given to the eldest or youngest sons in some cultures to propose with to their soon-to-be fiance, what could be more vintage than a ring that has been passed down from generation to generation? Some shops can even help you restore it to its original beauty and form, or help you customize it to fit your bride. Whichever is more applicable to you.

Engagements are first and foremost the celebration of two people who are ready to embark on a new life and journey together to which regardless of all things to be considered, is the most important thing above all. The knowledge that you are so in love with another person that you want to spend the rest of your lives together is what makes this event so special. However, it is not bad to consider the things that you both want and the things you could also afford because the expenses to come forth are not a joke. If your family also has a tradition to follow such as making use of a family heirloom then that is also something to consider.

Regardless of how some people say that chivalry is dead, proposal and engagement culture are still very alive and well to this day and will not hurt to continue on because as vintage as it sounds, this practice will remain timeless for generations to come.

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