A symbolic ceremony in Dominican Republic, Cap Cana. Katerina and Denis

A symbolic ceremony of Katerina and Denis. First they wanted to have their wedding in a hotel, but thanks to our wedding coordinator Elena Baryshnikova they have chosen us to organize the wedding on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic, and they have not regretted it! A white Cap Cana beach, with leaning palm trees, Cap Cana marina, the highest spot in Punta Cana, lakes with fresh water – the newlyweds visited all these places during just one photo session!

Wedding coordinator and photographer: Lena Baryshnikova

Review Ekaterina Timoshenko (Trotyanskaya)

I want to share my impression. To begin with, which is associated with Lena, two months before the wedding, just flunked her letters on all possible subjects. Starting with the weather to a certain number, to rent boats. We must pay tribute to her patience, she responded very deployed and on all counts. The day came to fly to the Dominican Republic, was flying with some skepticism, but read the reviews and hoped for the best. Doubts were dispelled in person, kind, positive Elena reassured me, even said that the weather “of the treaty.”

Because you want the sun in the day and no rain. The day before the wedding, the wonderful staff at the mountain did not return my wedding dress, which I have given to stroke. My pleading in broken English or Spanish mother-to no avail. Just apologized and everything! Shooting breaks down, I’m calling in hysterics Elena … 10 minutes later it arrives, spit on a massage.

Bottom line: In the same evening dress brought to a room with an apology and a bow. I will not tell what photos we received, you can see them in the album. I will say that a professional team together with the talent and the organization gave us a dream wedding. I would also like to say thanks to Yaroslav and Grisha, you Guys rock! PSEmotsii and delight not buy, for everything else there is a map Visa. Thank you for this beautiful day in paradise.

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