A Dreamy Beachfront Marriage Proposal in Punta Cana – “Find the Bottle!!” Proposal

Picture this: golden sands, turquoise waters gently lapping the shore, and a radiant sunset casting a warm glow over the scene. Punta Cana, known for its pristine beaches and captivating beauty, sets the stage for a perfect Dreamy Beachfront Marriage Proposal. If you’re looking to turn your proposal into a breathtaking moment, a beachfront proposal in Punta Cana is the epitome of romance. Let’s explore our “Find the bottle” package we offer to our clients.

Find the Bottle Proposal in Punta Cana: A Romantic Adventure Awaits

For couples seeking a dreamy beachfront marriage proposal in Punta Cana that transcends the ordinary and embraces the spirit of adventure, Punta Cana presents the “Find the Bottle” proposal—an enchanting experience that combines mystery, romance, and the breathtaking beauty of a private beach. Delve into the details of this unique offering, designed to make your engagement moment truly unforgettable.

A Romantic Adventure: The Treasure Hunt Proposal in Punta Cana

The Treasure Hunt Concept

A treasure hunt proposal infuses an element of mystery and surprise, transforming the engagement into an exhilarating adventure. Picture your loved one following a trail of clues along the sun-kissed shores of Punta Cana, each hint bringing them closer to the ultimate prize: your heartfelt proposal. This interactive and engaging approach not only adds excitement but also ensures the moment is etched in your memories as a unique and personalized experience.

Crafting the Message in a Bottle

To enhance the treasure hunt experience, consider incorporating a classic and romantic touch—crafting a message in a bottle. This thoughtful gesture not only adds an air of nostalgia but also symbolizes the journey of your love. Write heartfelt messages, drop clues, or even include small mementos that hold sentimental value. As your partner uncovers each message, the anticipation builds, creating a narrative that culminates in the grand finale—the marriage proposal.

Capturing the Moment

To immortalize this once-in-a-lifetime experience, consider enlisting the services of a local photographer or videographer. Having a professional document the treasure hunt and proposal ensures that every genuine emotion, surprise, and joyous reaction is captured, providing you with a visual keepsake of this special day.

“Find the Bottle”Package Inclusions:


Complimentary transportation to and from your hotel in the Bavaro and Punta Cana zone is provided by our agency.
For those staying in the Ubero Alto zone, an additional transportation cost applies.

Private Beach Area Rental

Enjoy the exclusivity of a part of the private beach area, meticulously chosen for its scenic beauty and seclusion.

Old Fashioned Bottle with a Letter

The heart of the proposal lies in a carefully curated old-fashioned bottle containing a heartfelt letter, adding a touch of nostalgia and personalization to your special moment.

Package Pricing

Find the Bottle Proposal without photographer: $650
Find the Bottle Proposal with Photographer’s services: $800
Includes 40-50 professionally edited photos to immortalize the entire experience. You will be given a link to download photos in 2-3 weeks after a proposal.

Upgrade Options

  • Fresh Flowers. Enhance the romantic ambiance with a bouquet of 12 roses or tropical flowers – Price: $80
  • Rose petals for the aisle – $80
  • Elevate your proposal with a romantic meal featuring a setup with tables and chairs. Price: $450
  • Bottle of Champagne. Toast to your love with a bottle of champagne, adding a sparkling touch to your celebration. Price: $30
  • Red Mustang round transportation – $150
  • White Cadillac round transportation – $300

How to Book

  • To reserve your “Find the Bottle” proposal, simply contact our agency with your preferred date, resort where you will stay, and any desired upgrades.
  • Advanced booking is recommended to ensure availability and customization according to your preferences.

Capturing the Moment of Beachfront Marriage Proposal in Punta Cana

Opt for the Find the Bottle Proposal with Photographer to document your entire journey, from the first clue to the joyous “yes.”

Celebrating the Yes

  • After your partner discovers the bottle and says “yes,” explore the various upgrade options to tailor the celebration to your desires.
  • Indulge in a romantic dinner or lunch, savoring the moment in a beautifully set-up environment.

The “Find the Bottle” proposal in Punta Cana offers a unique blend of adventure and romance, set against the backdrop of a private beach. With thoughtful inclusions and customizable upgrades, this experience is designed to create a proposal that reflects the uniqueness of your love story. Embark on this extraordinary journey, and let the beauty of Punta Cana be the canvas for your magical engagement moment.

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