Make-up and hairstyling for the bride

Our agency will be able to offer you a hairstyling and make-up for the bride and her bridesmaids. Ask us about a different packages!

Helicopter tour

We can offer you to have a helicopter tour of the following duration 10 min ($89), 15 min ($129), 20 min ($159), 30 min ($219) and 40 min ($319). The price is per person. The accompanying photographer goes 50% of charge. Transfer to Cap Cana by helicopter – $219 per person, the accompanying photographer goes 50% of charge.

Luxury class cars

You do not want a simple transfer? Then this splendid Limousine Lincoln is for you. Price for 2-6 people – US $450, for 6-10 people – US $550 for the whole day. Red, white and blue cabriolet Mustang for photo session – $250 for 2 hours. Or red Pontiac – $250 for 2 hours as well.

Horseback riding

Colibri beach – $50 (1 horse 1 hour), Cap Cana – $120 (1 horse 1 hour).

Decoration of the arch with fresh flowers

For the real lovers of the tropical nature we can put a bouquet of fresh flowers on the ceremony table ($85), decorate partially the arch with real flowers (3 bouquets, $300) or decorate totally the classic arch with real flowers ($350). For the ladies in addition we can make of fresh flowers a bracelet ($25) and hair decoration ($25).


For music lovers we can offer a trio of musicians ($240) for your wedding ceremony. Romantic dinner on the beach for two persons: Caesar salad, grilled lobsters and seafood, a bottle of sparkling wine ($190).

Sand Ceremony

Sand ceremony – $30. Extra bottle of sparkling wine Asti Martini – $25, wedding cake for 2-4 persons, single tier wedding cake – $50, 2 tier wedding cake – from $100.

Fire shows

Performance of 2, 3, 4 or 5 professional’s artists, using up to 12 different instruments. Recommended as a surprise for after cutting the cake or to close the party. During the presentation, they invite a couple to the center of the show so they can take some nice pictures of the moment. It can be done at the opening or at the end.

We have support staff equipped with hand extinguishers, but always ask to have the regulatory indoors. The costumes, if the party is very formal, will be suits (pants and jacket) black and white shirts. If the client agrees we will use our original costumes, also in black, but metal-gothic style to achieve the impact that characterizes our group.

If you want something themed or special always check with time. Times and prices vary depending on the number of artists.

Crazy hour

Locomotion: Stilts, power jumps, unicycle and skates. These props are used to receive guests or during the party. Can deliver drinks, souvenirs, party favors, etc. Photos are available to see different costumes. Price is per hour. If more time is required you may consult.

  • Mardi Gras New Orleans carnival style: 4/5 artist (stilts, unicycle and dancers)
  • Carioca: 4 artist (two samba dancers, capoeira dancer and stilt)
  • Dominican Style: 4 artist (two dancers , a “diablo cojuelo” and a “roba la gallina”,typical characters of DR carnival)
  • Tiki Party: 4 artist (two Polynesian dancers , two fire dancers)
  • Dances of the Pacific Islands, Hawaii and Tahiti principally. It is characterized by soft, seductive and rhythmic movements; language handles like the hip movement, gaze and hands.
  • Arabian Nights: 4 artists ( two belly dancers, two fire dancers.
  • Le Ciruqe Show: Cuban circus group offers the best acts in the repertoire. They perform: acrobatics on stairs, balance trapeze, unicycle, juggling, string, trained dogs, handstand5 artists; 30minutes.
  • Carnival Mix: Different characters with costumes from carnival around the world. Includes a mini show of samba and various animations. Masks and balloons are distributed to the guests.


A great gift for you and your guests!Special cartooning for reception entrance.

Medusa’s garden

Living statues, designed especially for weddings. Pretending to be of bronze. Can be used before the ceremony to receive guests, for a cocktail or dinner: preferably on a small platform. Also, at the entrance to the party to make the guests sign the book of memories of a fun way. We have two pairs available: Wedding couple in period costume. Pair of Justice. Couple of cupids or angels.

Show tender

Our bartender will offer the best entertainment; while he’s dancing, he will prepare a drink for everyone at the party. The show is divided in two parts: the first one, he will prepare the drinks bottles, shakers and play with the ice. The second half, it will be with flying bottles and a touch of fire. Additional: pre show with live music, saxophone and percussion. Requirements: sound equipment, beverage choice for preparing drinks and cocktail glasses.

Belly dance

Show with different rhythms and styles using various elements, cane, cymbals, tambourine Isis wings, sword. 20 minutes – 1 or 2 dancers.

Caribbean dance

A couple dance of: merengue, salsa or bachata.

Details to make your wedding unforgettable

Sparklers, Cold Fire for Dance Floor and Fire Works:

  • Cold fire: 30 seconds X4 – 3mt. $250 /each additional $ 50; 1 minute X4 – 5mt. $ 400 / each additional $ 75 check availability
  • Hand sparkles: 1 minute $1.50 each
  • Bottle sparkle for toast: 1X$10 3X$25
  • Confetti machine: $ 280
  • Bublle machine: $ 250
  • Fireworks: ask us about the prices. The price includes the authorization of the fire department and specialist staff

Contact us if you have any question! caribbeanwedding1@gmail.com

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