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Wedding photography is a unique genre that has a lot of complexity, but it is very interesting for the real professional. Newlyweds are very demanding on the results of the photographer’s work. And it’s normal, because it captures most important and happiest day of their married life. In our wedding agency you can book a wedding, romantic or family photo session with the best Russian and English speaking photographers who live and work in the Dominican Republic.

Wedding photo shoot

Many bridal couples bring their wedding dresses and suits or casual beach clothe to complit the wedding album with stunning shots on the cost by the ocean. Green palm trees, a bright sunlights, white beach, you are bathing and laughing in a spray of sea waves… Capture the best moments of your honeymoon with the help of our photographers.

Family photo shoot

Time is running very fast, children grow up. Stop time for a moment, present to yourself and your family a wonderful family photo session. With this photos you will remember how fun and cool your vacation was!

Romantic photo shoot

Perfect gift for yourself and your beloved – a photo album with a lot of interesting scenes to shoot – beautiful tropical palm trees lean over the long white beach, luxurious Cap Cana landscape views, and one of the most beautiful marinas in the Caribbean. Colorful and friendly nature of the Dominican Republic, along with the abounding Cap Cana architecture will leave no one unadmiring.

Hotel Wedding Ceremony Shooting

If you want to invite our photographer to shoot your wedding ceremony at the hotel, just write us about it! Please note that in order to shoot at the hotel you will have to pay the day pass (pass for a photographer for a day at the hotel). For more detailed information you just need to write to the hotel wedding department and find out how much it will cost you the ability to shoot your wedding ceremony with a freelance photographer.

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