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Marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic

Marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic You have decided to step into a new stage of your life and to propose to his beloved? Of course, this is a very important and life-changing decision. That is why you should enlist the help of professionals, – contact us! Engagement – it is one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.

Therefore, choosing the right location is very important. In every part of the world: in the restaurant, on the edge of the forest, on the roof of a skyscraper or a mountain top and even on the high seas – everything has to be perfect. Incredibly beautiful and romantic. Choose a place to conquer your lady. Nothing is impossible! Most importantly, make your woman happy and be happy yourself! This is time to celebrate , and it is perfect! Set free your imagination and creativity.

Marriage proposal – an important and memorable event that you will remember for many, many years! Tip: hire a professional photographer and videographer on the day of marriage proposals that they captured all the tiniest details of this fabulous day. Photos and video is a good present for long memory. You’ll show them to friends and relatives , as well you can play it on your future wedding. Just imagine how surprised will be all the guests watching video with such an unusual marriage proposal! We will be happy to realize all your wishes and dreams on a proposal of marriage, as well as provide their own options and ideas.

Here is one example. Alex contacted us a few weeks before his vacation in the Dominican Republic. He planned to make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend Nadezhda. He wanted us to write in the sand with palm leaf inscription: “Nadia, be my wife.” And while Alex will be flown by helicopter with Nadia, she read the inscription, and Alex give a ring to her in the air. The scene was not chosen by chance – a deserted private beach of Cap Cana. After arrival to the mountain by helicopter Farayon (the highest point of Punta Cana), the guys went down to the same beach to continue a romantic photo session and drink a couple of glasses of champagne.

Congratulations guys and look forward to their next year for the most beautiful in the world of wedding Caribbean Wedding!

  • Photographer: Antonina Zhuravlev
  • Video: Wind Wild Cinema Production
  • Engagement in the Dominican Republic from:
  • The budget activities $ 1,995