Marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic. Video

Would you like to make a marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic?

Here we are at your service – a perfect event agency with many years of experience in different marriage proposals in the Dominican Republic.

We have made more than 200 marriage proposals in Punta Cana and more than 10 marriage proposals throughout the entire country.

Imagine, that beautiful marriage proposal was on Saona Island. We have organized a helicopter flight to the island. Everything was prepared in advance.

Since we first spoke to the groom, he was always very organized, detailed, and meticulous. He knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it to be! At the end the groom had his perfect marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic.

We spent a few weeks to organize this proposal and communication was always fluid.

The bride had no idea and we were eager to see her reaction to the marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic.

So it was the plan, a romantic helicopter trip to the beautiful Saona Island, where the couple enjoyed a beautiful helicopter tour. Our team inscribed in the sand with the fabrics the beautiful and shiny phrase … “MARRY ME WINNE”!

The bride was speechless and excited!

When the couple landed on Saona Island, the groom got down on his knees and asked the same question again. “WILL YOU MARRY ME WINNE”.

Love is beautiful and we love to celebrate it and enjoy it in all its glory!

The experience of organizing this beautiful marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic was magical and memorable, and that was exactly what we wanted for the couple!

Our Caribbean Wedding agency can organize your marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic, if you need help creating something extraordinary or would like to choose one of our packages, we are here to help and guide you along the way!

We will take care of all your needs and make sure it is nothing more than a closely guarded secret.

We work with the best and most professional videographers and photographers from the Dominican Republic, always capturing the best and perfect moments!

For us nothing is impossible! Write us and get your marriage proposal in the Dominican Republic!

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