Proposal on a private beach (Punta Cana) – Gorgeous Night Proposal

Embarking on a journey of love is a momentous occasion, and what better way to start this adventure than with a marriage proposal surrounded by the enchantment of a gorgeous night? Picture this: a dreamy setting adorned with elegant arch, soft lights, and flickering candles, creating an atmosphere that is both romantic and unforgettable.

We delve into the allure of a nighttime marriage proposal and how the careful arrangement of arches, lights, and candles can transform the moment into a breathtaking memory.

Introducing one of our most sought-after marriage proposals in Punta Cana – Proposal on a private beach (Punta Cana) – Gorgeous Night Proposal.

Gorgeous Night Proposal – Unveiling the Beauty of a Stunning Nighttime Marriage Proposal

In the heart of the Caribbean paradise, Punta Cana, we invite you to discover a marriage proposal experience that goes beyond the ordinary—a proposal that has captured the hearts of couples seeking a blend of romance, luxury, and tropical allure. Join us as we unveil one of our most popular and enchanting marriage proposals on a private beach that unfolds against the backdrop of Punta Cana’s stunning landscapes.

Setting the Scene with Archways

The use of arches in a marriage proposal provides a symbolic frame for the beginning of a new chapter. Whether it’s a floral arch, a rustic wooden structure, or a minimalist design, arches create a focal point that draws attention to the couple at the heart of this significant moment. As the moonlight filters through the arches, a captivating ambiance is established, setting the stage for a magical declaration of love.

Illuminating Romance with Lights and Candles

Lights play a crucial role in creating an intimate and ethereal atmosphere for a nighttime proposal. Twinkling fairy lights, delicate lanterns, or strategically placed LED candles add a soft and warm glow, casting a romantic spell over the scene. The interplay of light and shadow enhances the beauty of the moment, creating an otherworldly setting that captures the essence of love. There’s something timeless and inherently romantic about candles. Incorporating candles into a marriage proposal adds a touch of sophistication and intimacy.

Why Choose a Gorgeous Night Proposal on Punta Cana private beach?

Opting for a nighttime proposal offers a unique and memorable experience. The serene backdrop of the night sky, the subtle sounds of the evening, and the twinkling stars contribute to a sense of privacy and seclusion. It’s a moment shared between two souls beneath the vastness of the night, creating a connection that is both personal and extraordinary.

“Gorgeous Night Proposal” Package Inclusions:

  • Complimentary transportation to and from your hotel in the Bavaro, Punta Cana zone, provided by our agency. Additional transportation fees apply for the Ubero Alto zone, Cap Cana and Punta Cana resort.
  • Exclusive rental of a section of the private beach area.
  • Proposal duration is approximately 1 hour.
  • A romantically candle-lit decorated area featuring a beautiful arch adorned with lights and candles.
  • Includes one bottle of Champagne.

Price: $950

Package with Photographer (40-50 edited photos): $1100


  • Plate of cheese, ham, and fruits – $60
  • Rose petals for the aisle – $80
  • “MARRY ME” sign – $250
  • LED “Will you marry me?” sign on top of the arch – $150
  • Bouquet of fresh flowers – $80
  • Red Mustang round transportation – $150
  • White Cadillac round transportation – $300

How to Book

  • To reserve your “Gorgeous Night Proposal” , simply contact our agency. Let us know your preferred date, resort where you will stay, and any desired upgrades.
  • Advanced booking is recommended to ensure availability and customization according to your preferences.

In the realm of marriage proposals, orchestrating a gorgeous nighttime experience with arches, lights, and candles elevates the occasion to new heights. The careful consideration of these elements transforms a proposal into a romantic masterpiece, etching a moment in time that will be forever cherished. Choose to create an enchanting atmosphere and let your love story begin under the celestial canvas of the starlit sky.

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