Catholic wedding in Punta Cana church and reception at the Restaurant {Kim and Carlos}

Kim and Carlos met on the Internet in October 2014. Their first date was in bowling in West Sacramento. (Of course, Carlos remembers that he won then!) In the spring of 2015, they met each other’s parents and since then have officially started dating. To celebrate their second anniversary, Carlos arranged a date in Morton, where they celebrated their first anniversary. They were already thinking about the design of the wedding ring, but Carlos presented Kim a beautiful bracelet at dinner, so she did not expect anything more than a anniversary dinner. After dinner, Carlos asked Kim to take a walk with him in the Sacramento’s Old City, where they had their first date. Kim noticed a table for two with a romantic dessert in the center of the Old Town! Carlos asked: “Will you?” And, of course, Kim said: “Yes!”
The wedding of this wonderful couple took place in Dominican Republic, in the Catholic Church. From the Hard Rock hotel couple was delivered in a retro Cadillac. After the ceremony, all the guests went to the restaurant. The venue was decorated in a tropical style – bright colors and leaves of tropical plants in floral arrangements, hanging drapery of lively greenery in the dinner zone. Unfortunately, two members of the Kim and Carlos family – two dogs – had to stay at home, but we used their photos in the design, and Kim brought a topper for the cake with the image of full family!

  • Wedding organization
  • Photographer Alex Newman.

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