Elopement or big wedding?

The question is what type of wedding is better, elopement wedding or big wedding? Making our discussion easier, what if I say which type of wedding can give you a hassle free, relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable special day? Now let’s take a look at some of the basic duties needed to be done at a wedding.

Elopement has so many obligations which you need to manage yourself. One of them is that your friends and family may be disappointed because they are not a part of your special day. After getting married it is a big mental pressure when everyone shows their reactions. If you are thinking about an elopement wedding, you need to prepare yourself to face a lot of questions. You have to take many responsibilities to elope such as all the legal matters, witnesses, certificate work, hiring a wedding planner and photographer, and many other jobs. At the centre of it all you have to possess some ability and knowledge to negotiate the price!

There is a quote “Family is where life begins and love never ends”. A big wedding can make you feel that today you are special for everyone! You are free from all of the duties which are already distributed among family members and friends. Cost does not matter much for the most special day of your whole life. If you are a calculative and clever person, you can save your wedding budget in advance for this day. The other thing is you are the greatest example for your children! So, a big wedding gives you an opportunity to be excited for.

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