Igor & Elvira’s Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Now residing in Moscow, Igor and Elvira have been friends for 15 years. In order to get away from the bustling city lifestyle, the couple plans on moving to the city of Tambov after their wedding in the sunny tropical island paradise of the Dominican Republic. The couple chose lilac and coupled it with the timeless elegance of white lace, which when combined with the design of the bride’s dress, turned out to be magnificent!

The arch was decorated to reflect a rustic and romantic country style theme, with a wooden sign reading “all your need is love”, pleasing pinks of the bougainvillea flowers draped on the arch held together by twisted ropes. The aisle was adorned with shepherd hooks and different shades of pink floral balls. The couple took had a beautiful photo shoot and ended up with a very real and very romantic Caribbean Wedding, and of course,unforgettable memories to last a lifetime!

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Photographer: Nik Vacuum

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