Officail Wedding Ceremony in Dominican Republic, Cap Cana Beach and Love Story {Dmitry+Milena}

Milena and Dima considered a few countries for the wedding ceremony – Cuba , Maldives, Dominican Republic. Dima set a condition – unusual wedding should be – in the tropics, on the island, but not in his hometown. Man said – man did! And in this statement the Dominican Republic won. First, the guys wanted to do a wedding at the hotel, but because of the many tourists on the beach the couple began looking for an opportunity to make a wedding on a private exclusive beautiful beach. The best place for this purposes you can imagine is a white sandy beach at Cap Cana. Moreover… There was a schtick we need to tell you: the symbol of infinity!

The bride, Milena had a bracelet and nicklece with infinity sign. That is why the day of the wedding was set on 8 of January. Because as we all know, number 8 is a sign of infinity. Milena got a fantastic wedding dress, hand knit by her best friend. Ligt blue and white wedding arch, infront of the turquoise sea… Endless love in the eyes of Milena when she heard a very special, touching and romantic wedding vow from Dima.

He was very graitful to the Sky, that give him a chance to meet Milena. He had a confession to make, he is extrimelly happy to share the entire life, the infinity, with his beloved wife Milena. Nobody could stay and not to be moved in teras. Not only Milena, but we all had tears in their eyes. What a magic from the incredible couple!

Review from Milena Pavlova

8.01.14. The happiest day of our lives! Thank you very much to Caribbean Wedding! Many thanks to our wedding coordinator Alisonka, which has supported us with Dima in such touching moments. Thanks to super proffessional team, Nik Vacuum and Oleg! And of course big thanks to Irinochka who helped us to organize such an event – it will leave an impression for all our life! Thank you all for our happiness! Good luck to you guys!

Photo by Nik Vacuum
Organization by Caribbean Wedding

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