Official wedding ceremony in Dominican Republic, Cap Cana. Katerina and Igor

Our personal high score record. The first time Katerina contacted us was one month before the ceremony. No one wanted to prepare the documents within such a short period, including the hotel where they had planned to celebrate their wedding first. One week of correspondence, one week for preparation of the documents by Katerina, translation of birth certificates and other documents into Spanish. We have three weeks until the date… The documents are ready… Two weeks… We managed to do everything on time, we did it! And here is the long awaited wedding.

Photographer: Antonina Zhuravleva

Our personal record!

Katya wrote to us the first time in a month before the ceremony. No one agreed in such a short time to prepare the documents, including the hotel where they originally wanted the ceremony, another week of correspondence, week for Katya document preparation, Spanish translation of birth certificates and other documents. Was three weeks before the date… Documents are ready… Two weeks… We did all in time! And here is long-awaited wedding) 27 april 2012!

The continuation of this amazing story)

  • April 27 – the official wedding (Friday).
  • April 30 – a holiday weekend in the Dominican Republic, but we do not worry, time enough) to all our customers, we issue a marriage certificate before leaving the Dominican Republic if the couple is on vacation at least 10 days.
  • Tuesday May 1 we compare all the documents, sign a draft of the marriage but there is a small problem – hangs unified system of registration of marriages across the country… yet to get a certificate can not… maybe tomorrow, maybe on the next day… or even the next week… so goes…
  • May 7 system droops and one more day to sign… and here on Tuesday May 8, we obtain a marriage certificate). Well that is close to the Civil Acts Registration Office helipad, helicopter urgently send a certificate to Punta Cana, and then on a private plane to Santo Domingo. As the day we were able to register the certificate in the central registry office and the Justice Department will do-over, the main thing – that on Thursday the day before departure guys got their certificate! To be more precise two – because we always issue two of the marriage certificate in case of loss, theft or something unforeseen) Congratulations guys and open the champagne!

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