Our most beautiful weddings of 2016

1. Wedding on a private villa in Dominican Republic


The wedding was arranged for that beautiful couple in a Christian Ceremony with the pastor within a short time, almost one hour. The Bride reached her dream venue on a Chic retro car for her special moments. The surprising parts were in the wedding, for the bride playing saxophonist and the picture painting artist. After a lovely photo session, everyone was ready for the real thing – delicious food! In the memorable wedding, we planned to serve food from the Spanish restaurant on Tronco beach. The main specialty was that this was a completely alcohol-free wedding. We got countless experiences from this splendid occasion.

2. Wedding in the Huracan cafe & restaurant


If you are looking at multiple venues, you can choose this phenomenal one for your special wedding day. The special bride and groom Yevgeniy and Alya were the main attraction. They loved this venue very much. With our very special and famous moderator, videographer, decorator, and photographer, the wedding was truly great. The extraordinary wedding was made more incredible by playing a romantic saxophone. An outstanding show was presented on the beach and included Latin American artists and a festival as well. We are grateful to have been able to organize this wedding.

3. Wedding on Italian project Tracadero in the Dominican Republic


Our gorgeous venue Tracadero is very special for its awesome look and outstanding location. The wedding couple Andrey and Olia selected the venue when watching our gorgeous previous wedding videos. They were very friendly and cheerful people and enjoyed their special day, which involved participating Dominican artists and Brazilian dancers. The couple selected the second day to catch their memorable moments in the photo shoot with the photographer Katya Nova. The venue was the artist’s town Altos de Chavon.

4. Purple Wedding on Juanillo Beach, Juanillo La Palapa Restaurant


In 2016, our amazing Juanillo Beach wedding couple was Alina and Austin. They met each other in a very romantic and dramatic way! That unforgettable wedding was organized by our agency. The stunning venue provided very proficient and helpful service. They received exclusive entertainment, pleasant food, popular music and everything that a bride and groom expect on their wedding day.

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