Pavel and Julia’s Caribbean Wedding in the Dominican Republic!

Pavel is from Ukraine and Julia is from Russia. These guys first met while on holiday in Turkey. Julia went to visit Pavel’s friend who was recovering from a fall down a flight of stairs, and Pavel certainly did not want to miss the opportunity to meet with Julia. He said she was so “sympathetic and kind”, that he just couldn’t miss his chance!

Since then, they started corresponding on the internet, flying from one country to another and 4 years later… a gorgeous wedding in the sunny and beautiful Dominican Republic! Julia wrote us 2 weeks before their arrival and immediately said they did not want a wedding like everyone else. Therefore, we brought out the best, instead of the typical bamboo style wedding arch, we offered them a magnificent wrought iron wedding arch. Julia agreed without any hesitation, it was exactly what she dreamed of!

Write to us at or call us: +1 (829) 805 2170 for your dream wedding in the Dominican Republic!

Photographer: Anastasia Kniazvea (thank you for all the wonderful photos)
Makeup and Hair: Anna Stark

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