Wedding in Dominican Republic, Cap Cana. Evgenia and Sergey

Evgenia and Sergey studied at the same university, but never met. Once Sergey with a friend passed to a café where Evgenia was sitting with her friends. It turned out that they had many common friends. So they started to converse. They have been together for two years now. On the 20th of September they registered officially their marriage in the Dominican Republic. Our congratulations and lots of happiness!

Photos by Nik Vakuum

Review Sergei Solovyov

Irina Hello! Begin to see pictures! Crazy!! Very nice! Nikolay well done! Miss the Dominican Republic! Once again want to thank you for the excellent organization of our holiday for a lot of positive emotions! All that we could present, only a small part of what you did, that would make our Caribbean dream! Emotions of a lifetime! Thank you very much!

Review Zhenya Solovieva (Karasaeva)

Subscribe to every word of Serezhi))) Just great thanks! More or less, we woke up from the rest, came to their senses and realized that it was very cool!

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