Wedding in Dominican Republic, Cap Cana. Ilia and Evgenia

Evgenia is gentle as frangipane flowers which she wanted her arch to be decorated with. But in spite her delicate looks, she has quite a serious profession, she is a public prosecutor. Ilia is a lawyer. They made their acquaintance at court when Evgenia was an intern. They’ve been together for 4.5 years now. The wedding organized in the Dominican Republic by Caribbean Wedding. Photos by Antonina Zhuravleva. Video by Nikolay Chernichenko.

Photographer: Tonya Zhuravleva

Review Zhenya Byhanovoy (Shishkina)

Guys, thank you for the extraordinary ceremony! We were in a fairy tale :) Video by Nikolay and photos by Antonina stunning! Thank you! :)))

Video: Nicholay Chernichenko

Weddings in the Dominican Republic. Cap Cana. Ilya and Evgeniya from Caribbean Wedding on Vimeo.

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