Wedding in Dominican Republic, Cap Cana. Julia and Andrey

A perfect example of how meticulously can a bride prepare her wedding and make it unique and different from the others! Decorated glasses, bracelets and other accessories were selected by Julia with much love and attentions. As to us, we prepared custom-made sapphirine silk flowers and sand of the color of the ceremony. We hope you will do the justice to our mutual efforts.

The wedding coordinator and photographer: Lena Baryshnikova

Julia and Andrey
Lenochka! Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures… love… friends, too thrilled! Generally a good memory of our ceremony that I want to watch again and again. Thank you for a wonderful day spent with us and at the ceremony, and on the beaches and in the jungle, and for the wonderful dinner! Generally our delight not describe in words! Success!! And more good customers!

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