VIP Wedding Ceremony in Nautical Style

To arrange a wedding in a nautical or marine style every detail matters. All the wedding decoration like wedding arch, starfish, fishing nets, ropes, pearl strands, telescopes, anchor, compass, life preservers, and of course a real nautical wheel!

What could be more wonderful then a beach wedding? Let’s add to this bright sunny day, fresh breeze and cool ocean waves. Favorite color of marine style, of course, white and blue. Perfectly suited azure, indigo, pale blue, green, celadon and cream. Just imagine – a fluffy blue sea and soft white foam… Romantic lady, who awaits the return of her sailor – and the picture of the sea ready to style.

The team of Caribbean Wedding express sincere congratulations! It was the pleasure to be a part of your celebration!

Photographer: Nik Vacuum (
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