Wedding in Dominican Republic, Cap Cana beach. Galina and Dima

Amazingly nice and tender couple. There was an incredible natural phenomenon during their wedding – halo! (A halo (Greek: ἅλως; also known as a nimbus, aureole, glory, or gloriole) is a ring of light that surrounds an object – a source of light). And we are positive that it’s a sign of their great family happiness! Love and mutual respect to you, guys! Photos by Elena Baryshnikova.

Photographer: Alenka Baryshnikova

Review Galina Kniazeva

Lenusichka, dear, thank you for the amazing photos such a colorful, lively. Wedding at sea, was my dream – it came true. And most importantly, that at the wedding was a good photographer. And you’re not just good, you’re a great photographer! We can not behold your work, we are very pleased that appealed to you! Thank you very much!

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