What to Wear in your Dream Beach Wedding in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a popular beach wedding destination in the Dominican Republic as this best describes what is romantic getaway really is. Beaches in Punta Cana has clear, turquoise, warm water with waves that are not too still nor too strong. Since the place is frequently visited by many couples all year round, the place is kept clean so you can expect seashores that are free from pesky seaweeds.

Among the many beach destination weddings in the Caribbean islands, where a lot of couples planned to get married and have to staycation at the same time, Punta Cana is a fairly reasonable place to visit as it offers a wide range of all-inclusive resorts. The island is bigger compared to other nearby islands where supplies is not a problem, too. So if you are getting married on the Caribbean island, Punta Cana is your best choice.

Provided that you will tie your knot in Punta Cana for your dream beach wedding, finding a wedding venue is no longer a problem. The only thing that you should start thinking about is what to wear to your beach wedding.

Every wedding has a certain dress code which should be followed. And since you will be having a beach wedding, you should be specific with the dress code that your wedding guests will follow. The fact that it’s a beach wedding, you have to be particular whether it’s a Sunny or a Sandy beach wedding and if it is formal or casual beach wedding.

According to The Knot when it comes to beach wedding dress code, it has to be a dress to impress but still has the elements of what beach represents (the sun, sand, and water). So if you are planning what to wear for your beach wedding, keep in mind of the following guidelines in choosing your beach wedding attire:

  • Choose a wedding dress that will weigh you down, such as formal ball gowns and chapel trains.
  • Pick fabrics that are light and airy which will allow you to move easily such as chiffon and silk
  • To help maintain airflow and comfort, wear dresses that have billowing skirts, lace, and slits as this offers breathability.
  • Whether you will walk down the sandy aisle, stoney aisle or in wood planks, wedges and flats are your best option.
  • Match your beach wedding attire with a light shawl to keep the goosebumps in control.

Choosing your wedding dress for your beach wedding is important as this will have a big impact on what your wedding photos will look like. Surely, you don’t want an awkward moment when you look at your photos in the future. To save you from the hassle of looking for what to wear, here are the list of beach wedding dresses to ponder:


These are designer’s wedding dress that is typically made from silk chiffon fabrics and sheer lace to showcase a glamorous yet free-flowing wedding attire.


These are beach wedding dress that eliminates the issue of getting sand on your dress. It could be off-shoulder, A-line, or a two-piece wedding dress.


These are laid-back style wedding dress that is less ornamented but still elegant and airy. It could be two-piece, sheath or a tea-length wedding dress.


Plus size wedding dress offers a variety of types from V-necklines, to halters and cap sleeves celebrating the beautiful curves of the bride.


This wedding dress style is for all body types. It’s airy and elegant at the same time with embroideries that adds romance to the wedding dress.


If you are aiming for a vintage or a bohemian feel on your wedding, lacey beach wedding dress is a perfect choice. It’s breathable and glamorous as the patterns add romance and whim.


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