Top 9 Marriage Proposal packages in Punta Cana 2024,
the Dominican Republic

Let us introduce our Marriage Proposal Packages in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Tailored to create unforgettable moments, these experiences are designed to be cherished forever. Caribbean Wedding & Events Agency guarantees perfection, offering packages crafted uniquely for you.

“Marry Me” Marriage Proposal

This marriage proposal is very popular with our clients as it includes renting a part of a private beach without tourists and strangers, which ensures the intimacy of the marriage proposal, MARRY ME sign, candles,  champagne and beautiful high quality fresh roses. We also utilize the services of world class photographers. This makes our packages unique. More information about this package.

Price: $1450
Price with a photographer (40-50 edited photos): $1600

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Round Arch Night Proposal

The round arch’s circular shape symbolizes eternity and everlasting love, making it an ideal backdrop for an engagement proposal. The enclosed space within the arch creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere, perfect for sharing this special moment with your partner.

All-inclusive package includes the round transportation, rent of the part of the private beach, round arch with silk flowers, table setup, “Will you marry me?” led sign on a top of the arch and, of course, an excellent photographer. More information about the package.

Price: $1250
Price with a photographer (40-50 edited photos): $1400

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Marry Me Marriage Proposal + dinner at the restaurant

This proposal could be organized just for you 2 or could be shared with friend. Let your family and friends revel in the beauty of the scenic backdrop, the heartfelt moment, and the joyous affirmation. Invite them to witness the magic that unfolded against the stunning setting of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Check out one of the best Marriage proposal packages. As always the package includes the transportation, organization, use of the restaurant beach, red roses, MARRY ME sign, red roses, candles and 5 star photographer. As a bonus we will decorated the table and book gazebo for an intimate dinner.

Pricing: For 2 people (includes 40-50 edited photos): $1600, up to 6 people: $1700, up to 10 people: $1800
Dinner is not included. There is a minimum consumption requirement at an additional cost of $100 plus tax.

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White Roses Heart Arch Proposal

This is our new marriage proposal package which is becoming to be very popular! The heart-shaped arch, adorned with pristine white silk roses, “Will you marry me?” led sign, mix of red and white fresh roses at the aisle, rose petals, candles and private gazebo for a romantic dinner. Could be this package more gorgeous as it is?

Price for 2 people (40-50 edited photos): $1990
Dinner is not included. The minimum consumption is obligated and it is an additional cost $100 plus tax.

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Gorgeous Night Proposal

Experience the magic of love under the stars in Punta Cana with our enchanting marriage proposal package. This option includes beautiful arch with lights, 1 bottle of champagne, table and chairs, candles, great photographer and transportation from your resort to the private beach and back.

You can add cold fires, romantic dinner, live entertainment. More information about the package. Plan your dream proposal and let the romance unfold in this idyllic setting.

Price: $950
Price with a photographer (40-50 edited photos): $1100

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Night Romantic Wigwam Marriage Proposal

One of the most popular marriage proposal packages in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Embark on a journey of enchantment with our Night Romantic Wigwam Marriage Proposal Package.

As all our packages, this marriage proposal package includes transportation to the private beach and back to the resort, 1 bottle of champagne, photographer, and also wigwam setup with candles and lights, LED “Will you marry me?” sign on top of the wigwam.

Ask us for upgrades, such as the red mustang or white Cadillac transportation, bouquet of red roses or the plate of fresh fruits.

Price: $1250
Price with a photographer (40-50 edited photos): $1400

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“Find The Bottle!” Proposal

The treasure hunt aspect of the proposal adds an element of adventure and excitement, making the moment unforgettable for both partners. Crafting a message in a bottle shows thoughtfulness and effort, making the proposal even more meaningful and personal.

The transportation bring you at the private beach and you will start with the photo section, walking by the beach you will find the bottle with a letter. The photographer will capture all unforgettable moment of your dream proposal. More information about the package.

Price: $650
Price with a photographer (40-50 edited photos): $800

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Light the Night Proposal

Lighting candles in a secluded spot on the beach provides a private and intimate setting for the couple to share this special moment together. Candles symbolize love and passion, making them a meaningful representation of the couple’s eternal commitment to each other.

Package includes round transportation, rent of the part of the private beach, Candle lit decorated area, dream catcher with your photos and, of course, 1 bottle of Champagne and 5 stars photographer to capture the moment.

Price: $950
Price with a photographer (40-50 edited photos): $1100

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Catamaran Marriage Proposal

Sail into romance with our Catamaran Marriage Proposal, a celestial journey on the azure waters of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. As the sun sets, painting the sky in hues of warmth, a “MARRY ME” sign stands proudly on the deck.

Indulge in a gourmet experience with curated food and beverages, and toast to love with chilled champagne. Amidst the rhythmic waves, a skilled photographer captures every intimate moment, ensuring this nautical proposal becomes a timeless tableau of your love story, etched against the backdrop of the open sea.

This package includes the regular transportation to the beach and way back to the resort in limousine, 2 hours a boat trip, MARRY ME big sign, decorated table with flower arrangement, candle lit decorated area, candles, rose petals to the aisle of sign, champagne bottle and the photographer. Also the food and beverage included. Write us to get the menu.

Price for 2 people: $2,500 USD

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Additional Services for Marriage Proposal Packages

  • Caribbean Musicians: $300 for 45 minutes.
  • Saxophone/Violin: $300 for 45 minutes.
  • Video Clip with a dron: $550 for a video clip with one song.
  • Singer with Small Musical Equipment: $400.
  • Extra Bottle of Champagne: $30.
  • Romantic Dinner: $200.
  • Big “MARRY ME” Sign: $250.
  • LED “Will You Marry Me” Sign: $150.
  • Red Rose Petals Heart: $80.
  • Plate of Cheese, Ham, and Fruits: $60.
  • Bouquet of Fresh Flowers: $80 for 12 roses or tropical flowers.
  • Red Mustang Round Transportation: $150-$250.
  • White 1958 Cadillac Round Transportation: $300-$400.
  • Old Fashioned Cars for Photos: $250-$350.
  • Cold Fires: $150 for 2 units, $250 for 4 units.

Propose uniquely with a one-of-a-kind experience crafted by you and your partner. Collaborate to create a proposal that reflects your relationship. Once the perfect plan is set, your planner will take care of all the details so you can focus on the moment of getting engaged!

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